Three segments

Bob knows how to navigate a field of elite cyclists – he has the knowledge and physical ability to position himself and teammates for the win! This is no easy task and sheer talent alone will not be enough – dedication to the sport is essential. He along with every other cyclist at the elite level is on the bike training hard year-round trying to gain that extra bit of fitness. The miles and hours tallied in an attempt to increase fitness can take its toll on the body so finding a competitive edge on the competition requires something other than wattage and heart rate, you must understand biomechanics.

Pedal stroke is key to efficiency but the sum of this efficiency is determined by leg extension, reach and cleat placement. Millimeters matters and going over or under when setting saddle height, saddle fore/aft, effective body extension and or longitude/latitude cleat position will result in decreased efficiency and or injury.

The fastest and most accurate method to achieve efficiency on the bike is to see a professional bike fitter. Skip the madness and schedule an appointment with me today!