My coaching programs are tailored to the needs of the athlete and apply to mountain bike, cyclocross, gravel, time trial, and road disciplines.  The plans that I write are perfect for the athlete looking to be competitive in any event (from 24-hour mountain bike racing to 100-mile gravel bike events to crit racing – I love it all.) and willing to invest 8 to 15 hours of training a week. 

I offer one program, the premium plan.  The process is detailed and will push you hard but the reward is worth it!  I know what it’s like to work 40 plus hours a week and train hard at the same time.  It takes experience to know when to go hard and when to recover – without balance you will overtrain and adaptation to new levels of fitness not be achieved.  Here is the caching program breakdown (in a nutshell):

  • $140 per month which includes
    • Premium Training Peaks Athlete Account
    • Training plans are delivered via Training Peaks in block format (weekly or biweekly) 
    • Training plan format: Power (watts) and or Heart Rate
    • Customized Long Range Plan that identifies goals, strategies, limiters, and strengths
    • Weekly coach initiated communication via Training Peaks, phone, email, text and or video chat
    • Adaptive training plan allows for unlimited modification to your training plan
    • Unlimited athlete initiated contact with Coach Tim
    • No contract required.