Bike Fitting

Joule Cycling utilizes a comprehensive examination of each body segment in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing. The foundation for each fit completed involves a precise understanding of the motions that positively or negatively affect compression, shearing and or tension which makes a difference to prevent wear and tear. Less wasted motion means less wear, less wobble, less pain.

Joule Cycling utilizes WN Precision technology to generate a solution that solves current fit issues.  WN Precision has invested tens of thousands of hours in controlled and real-life environments using real science.  Science that was born from necessity; this technology examines each body segment in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing status.

Bike Fitters that utilize WN Precision technology have a long track record and continue to work with many of the world’s most recognized cyclists in (Tri, Road, MTB, XC, CX, Track, etc…) Our record spans 17 years and over 66,000 plus blueprint solutions. There are a ton of ideas on how to adjust the bike, but it’s the brain that needs to be aware. WN Precision and all Bike Fitters that utilize this technology believe the evidence is best established over time!

Joule Cycling addresses the actual performance rather the theories of the bike and you. Joule Cycling doesn’t just fit you; we teach you, and that’s what makes the difference. It has taken me years to learn how to explain it all.

  • Location
    • Joule Cycling Fit Studio in Sacramento, CA
    • Mobile fits are available in the greater Sacramento area and San Francisco Bay area.
  • Cost
    • $200
      • This covers leg and trunk length measurements, foot diagram, saddle height, saddle fore/aft, saddle tilt, effective body extension, handlebar tilt, hood position and a CAAD drawing of the bike with the fit solution.  Also, included is pedal stroke assessment and instruction along with a CAAD drawing of the bike with fit solution numbers.
    • $45
      • After the first fit is complete, alignment of any other bike is 45 dollars.
  • Scheduling
    • Monday through Friday 7 am to 8 pm
    • Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 3 pm