Shawn Remy, Sacramento CA

I first met Tim on the trail while we were on our road bikes and he was on the CX bike. He ran a pace line and was able to hold a conversation at the same time. My good friend got fit and started coaching with Tim and the feedback was amazing! After a few times meeting Tim I decided to get fit and pursue coaching. In the past my fits were more catered to the preference to the person fitting me rather than my bodies preference.
With Tim’s method, all measurements are precise! He takes his time to make sure everything is to a T! And he keeps your files so you can adjust as you go or go back to a former fit. First time I actually got on my bike, it was like I’ve already been riding it for so long! PERFECT FIT! The thing I loved most is the communication, Tim always makes sure that we are on the same page with everything going on. He listens to what you have to say and gives great advice on how to improve those ideas. I recommend anyone (elite racer/weekend warrior) to get fit by Tim!